Adam Keller and Kevin Bone

It takes a lot for me to give in, but I had to admit, Kevin was a better wrestler than I was, but I knew one way that I could come out on top. We sat on my couch, catching our breaths, when we both started getting horny and touching ourselves. That was all we needed to finally do what we'd both been dying to do for years. When we took our singlets off, Kevin saw my dick and knew what to do with it. He savoured every inch of my dick running past his lips. I did the same with his hole once I flipped him over after sucking on his dick. I could tell he was ready, and my dick found its way deep inside Kevin's second hole. His ass felt amazing, but I'm all about going both ways. He fucked me and then threw his legs up so we could both blast off.
Featuring:  Adam K, Kevin
Release Date: 01/15/2024

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