Alan Stark and Chris Palmers

Why should I have to wait to get what I want when I can take it? That's what I thought when I invited Chris over after school. I was tired of flirting with him all day during class, and I wasn't about to let him out of my house without having my dick deep inside of him. So while we sat on the couch, I jumped over and kissed his lips. The was all the motivation Chris needed to give me his body. After we got naked, Chris sucked my cock while I sat on the arm of the couch. Then I sucked on him before spreading his cheeks and slowly pressing my cock inside his tight hole. It didn't take long before my stroke speed increased, and I was pounding his hole. We fucked till he was covered in both our warm loads. Just what I needed.
Featuring:  Alan S, Chris P
Release Date: 04/17/2023

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