Alpan Stone and Angel Abell

I can admit that I'm a huge tease. Like, huge. Part of the thrill is when I know guys want to fuck, and I play it off while their hard dicks are standing at attention, just waiting for me to do something with it. That's just how it happened when Alpan came over to my house after wrestling practice. We landed on my bed and began to talk. That's when his dick became hard in his singlet. I tried to cover it with the pillow, but I gave in and pulled his big dick out. It barely fit in my hand. I sucked it down and gave him my throat to fuck as my head hung over the edge. He sucked me too, but then in a turn of events, Alpan gave me his ass to fuck first before we flipped.
Featuring:  Alpan, Angel
Release Date: 03/07/2024

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