Alpan Stone and Max Gen

Playing a full day of soccer is exhausting, but somehow, my teammate Max was ready to go. We got to his house, went to his bedroom, and flopped on the bed. I thought Max would be tired, but he noticed my dick was hard and couldn't help but grab it. I didn't stop him. The next thing I knew, Max was going to town on my dick. I grabbed his head and pushed it down as his throat opened wide. I wanted to taste his cock, so we flipped, and I got what I wanted, but I wanted more. We got into a sixty-nine, and I got my chance to eat his ass while he sucked my cock. I pushed him onto his side and fucked his ass before he fucked mine. We worked up a hot load before crashing.
Featuring:  Alpan, Max G
Release Date: 01/29/2024

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