Alpan Stone and Milo Zayd

If Alpan thought he was going the entire school year without giving me some dick, then he was very wrong. I caught him touching himself in the old locker room on the last day of school. I've seen him go back there to jerk off before, but this time I gave him some help. I grabbed his cock and groped it before dropping to my knees and taking it down my throat. His pre-cum tasted so sweet. I never sucked a dick as big as his, but telling by his moans, I think I did well. Then it was his turn, and he was a pro. I started leaking immediately. He rode my face as I ate his ass. Then Alpan bent me over and fucked me like never before. I must have looked like I needed my hole worked. Eventually, I shot my load, and he sprayed his seed on me.
Featuring:  Alpan, Milo Z
Release Date: 09/14/2023

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