Antony Carter and Jean Gilliam

Jean and I took the day off and rode our bikes around the local park. The sun felt great on my face but had me super horny. I figured Jean felt the same, and I was right. We got back to my room and relaxed on the bed. That's when we started kissing and getting undressed. I couldn't hide my hard cock in my bike shorts and didn't want to. After pulling my shorts down, Jean stroked my meat, then took it into his mouth. He isn't much of a cocksucker, but he knew the head of my cock was sensitive. I returned the favour by sucking him, but his hole was calling me. I ate his ass so good that he couldn't do anything but give it up. My dick is pretty big, and Jean's hole was tight but felt amazing. We fucked, and both shot huge loads.
Featuring:  Antony, Jean
Release Date: 02/05/2024

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