Axel Turner and Nicolas Greey

Axel came over to hang out after a long day and grabbed his shoulders. I've been crushing on Axel since the 5th grade and have always wanted to touch him, but we never had the chance till now. Axel took his shirt off, and I couldn't resist kissing his neck. That was all he needed before he turned around and started kissing me. My mind went into full overdrive at that thought of him inside me. We stripped our clothes off, and I went for his meat. It was bigger than I thought, but I knew I could take it. He then started sucking on my curved dick before bending me over and eating my hole. It felt great, but all I could think about was his dick filling me up, and that's what Axel did. It was harder than I thought to take, but felt much better. We both unloaded on my stomach, and I would do it all again.
Featuring:  Axel T, Nicolas
Release Date: 03/21/2024

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