Beno Eker and Oliver Morgenson

I've been craving a piece of my roommate, Beno since we got to school. We played on opposite teams before, but now we are on the same regional team and sharing an apartment this semester. One day after practice, I decided to make my move. We got to our apartment, went to the couch, and kissed. I then went down to his dick and put my mouth on it. I'm not sure if Beno expected that, but there we were. I loved feeling his cock in my hand as I sucked and stroked it. Then I sat up. He took my shorts off and started giving me a blowjob. It felt so good, but something came over me, and I sat down on his cock. I had never been fucked before, but I was happy it was him. He fucked me until I came all over my stomach, followed by Beno. Maybe I'll fuck him next time.
Featuring:  Beno, Oliver
Release Date: 06/05/2023

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