Tony Milak and Dave London

A good stepdad knows how to apologize when he messes up. I missed my stepson, Tony, birthday and felt really bad. When I got home, Tony was on the couch with a grumpy look plastered on his face. I tried to offer him the world in order to apologize. That's when he told me all he wanted was to see a naked man. Well, that I could easily do, but once he had me naked and hard, I knew of something else I could give him. After we sucked each other's cocks, I bent over the couch and allowed my boy to slip his big cock inside Daddy's tight hole. I don't mind getting fucked, but it's really special when it's my boy. He fucked my ass until I shot on my stomach, followed by his seed.
Featuring:  Dave London, Tony M
Release Date: 12/16/2022

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