My boytoy Kody came home from a long summer of sleep-away camp and just looked so exhausted. It was his first year as a counselor. The job was more work than he expected, and his body paid the price. Luckily, he has a great daddy. He went to his room, stripped down to his undies, and waited for me to finish my work call. It felt like forever since I last saw him. He had muscles I had never seen before. It turned me on a bit, but this time it was all about him. I started on his back and quickly moved down to his hips and legs. I slipped off his undies and rubbed on his soft cheeks before playing with his puckered hole and dick. He lifted his hips high so I could get a handful as I fingered his ass. I then flipped him over and continued to stroke his beautiful penis and balls until he erupted in my hand. Just what my good boytoy needed.
Featuring:  Kody
Release Date: 04/24/2024

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