Chris Petite and Archi Gold

I stopped by my stepbrother's house before making the long trip back home. It had been a crazy vacation, but I knew that I needed to see my favorite fucking stepbrother, and I do mean fucking. Chris and I were both virgins a few years ago and decided to change that. Now, I make sure to stop by, say hi, drop to my knees, and suck his delicious cock. I really fucking love it when he sucks on my asshole and uses his mouth to get my butt ready for his cock. But nothing beats him sliding that dick inside my hole. He owns it when he's in it, and I never will complain about it. We fucked down on his couch, and he didn't stop until I was covered in our jizz.
Featuring:  Archi, Chris Petite
Release Date: 02/12/2024

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