Conor and Borlon

I pride myself on being the best therapist for these boys that I can be. I was honored to prove it today when Borlon came to my office to see me. Maybe I have the magic touch like Midas. No matter what it is, I'm giving it all to this sexy jock. Borlon came in, undressed, and laid down on my table. I grabbed the oil and started on his back. I didn't linger too long because I knew his entire body needed my attention. I moved down his legs and eventually took his undies off. He had the most beautiful ass I've seen all school year. I made sure to give it my full attention. He lifted his ass high, and I did what I did best. I played with his ass and cock as he moaned. I then flipped him over and oiled his chest before moving down to his meat. I took it in my hand and stroked it. When he couldn't hold back anymore, he grabbed his cock and started cumming on his abs. Perfect finish.
Featuring:  Borlon
Release Date: 06/19/2024

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