Conor and Raden

I always enjoy it when the coach sends me a new client, especially when they are as sexy as Raden, the star of the local soccer team. He came to me so happy and full of joy. That youthful spirit is magnetic, and it makes me feel young. I like that. I know it's my responsibility to make sure he feels great after his visit. He asked for a massage so, I told him to lay down. I rubbed his body then used a little oil to move freely around his skin. I then took his undies off to get complete access to his body. I grabbed his firm cheeks and worked the knots out. Eventually, he was relaxed enough to let me massage his hole with my finger while stroking his cock. I flipped him over and finished the job. I think he'll be back again soon.
Featuring:  Raden
Release Date: 05/22/2024

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