Corey Law and Jamie Kelvin

Corey and Jamie have been friends for years, and their level of competitiveness is at an all-time high. Corey challenges Jamie to a game of Pin Me, Fuck Me, and Corey isn't about to lose. After a few minutes of struggling, Corey gets Jamie on his knees. He pulls out his dick, and Jamie gets to work, sucking on his cock. They then get on the bed, where Corey starts sucking Jamie's thick meat. They strip out of their singlets and lay side by side, where Corey slips his cock inside Jamie's tight hole. Corey starts pumping at his butt, and Jamies loves it. He then gets Jamie on all fours and gets right back inside before throwing him on his back and fucking his ass until Jamie shoots. Corey pulls out and sprays his load on Jamie's stomach. It seems to me like they've both won.
Featuring:  Corey, Jamie
Release Date: 05/27/2024

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