Daniel Star and Russell Kern

Daniel is waiting for his new client Russell to arrive. As soon as Russell comes in, Daniel starts treatment by removing Russell's shirt and rubbing his chest and shoulders. Daniel can't help but notice how nice Russell's body is, but he's trying to be professional. He then lays Russell flat on the couch and massages his back with warm oil. Daniel then removes Russell's underwear, drips oil on his cheeks, and works his hands over his butt. Daniel spreads Russell's ass and teases his hole. Every touch makes Russell moan in pleasure. Daniel makes his way down to Russell's legs and feet, focusing on his toes before he makes Russell flip over. He then continues treatment as he rubs Russell's front side, dripping oil directly on his cock. Daniel massages Russell's cock until it sprays cum all over like a water hose.
Featuring:  Daniel S, Russell
Release Date: 12/13/2023

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