Deymon Castillo and Melo Prince

Deymon was on the couch when his boytoy's friend, Melo, asked him if he wanted a massage. With Melo in his boytoy shorts, Deymon knew this was an offer he couldn't pass up. Melo mounted Deymon's shirtless back and started rubbing on his muscles with enough pressure to make Deymon feel good. He quickly flipped onto his back and gave Melo access to his chest, stomach, and pants, which Melo removed. Now, Melo had Daddy half-naked and wasn't afraid of being caught. That’s when he went for it, giving Deymon's dick a warm mouth to play in before eating out Melo's hole and pounding it with his big daddy dick.
Featuring:  Deymon Castillo, Melo
Release Date: 05/23/2024

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