Dillon Diaz and Troy Lopez

Troy has been coming to see me for a few years, but every time feels like the first. He drove all the way to see me, which I love, but the ride is hell on his back. I put him on his stomach so I could get a better look. Maybe ease some of that pain. I started on his back, then made him remove clothes so I could oil him up a little. I knew it would feel great against his smooth, twink skin. I forget how perfect his ass was. That tight California boy body always gets me worked up. I couldn' t resist playing with his tight asshole. Just the rim as I moved my finger around. I eventually flipped him on his back, oiled and rubbed him up, and sucked a huge load out of his dick. I really enjoy his visits.
Featuring:  Troy
Release Date: 05/15/2024

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