Lex Moore and Karol Gajda

I'm always available to give my stepson, Karol, a helping hand. It's the thing that brings us closer together. That and his fuck hole. My boy came in and asked for a massage. I wasn't doing anything, so I said yes. He sat on the bed, and I moved my hands around his body. He took his shirt off, and I flowed around his torso until our hands groped his cock through his undies. Karol laid down, we both undressed, and I grabbed both our dicks and started stroking. Then my boy was ready to suck on his dad's dick the way I like, but his ass was calling me, and I answered. He was tight, so we took it slow, but once he was open, his hole belonged to Daddy. I drilled him until he shot his load onto his stomach. I was right behind him with a cum canon of my own.
Featuring:  Karol, Lex Moore
Release Date: 06/23/2023

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