Ethan Chase and Alex Tyler

It was surprising to see my stepbrothers come for a visit. We've always been close, and that's what makes our relationship special. So when they both came over for a massage, I was happy to see them. I started with Alex while Nick sat on the chaise chair. I rubbed on Alex's shoulders and then put his face down on the massage table while I worked his back. I moved my hands down his back towards his ass and gave his cheeks a good rub. I climbed on top and got deep in there. He loved it, and I saw Nick enjoying it too. I then flipped Alex over and noticed his big dick filling with blood. I continued rubbing his smooth body until my hands moved across his meat. I began stroking his cock and watched as his body quivered from my touch. By this time, Nick was stroking his cock in the corner. I jerked my stepbrother until he came in my hand, and damn, it was a lot. Now, I'm looking forward to doing Nick the same way.
Featuring:  Alex T
Release Date: 06/26/2024

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