Evan Novak and Gabriel Paris

Sometimes a relaxing weekend away is all you need to recharge your battery. Or maybe it's really a sexy new place to fuck like on a houseboat. My buddy, Evan, took me to his parent's boat house for the weekend. He wanted to go out and explore, but I was horny and wanted to fuck. I got my way. We started kissing on the couch, and then he pulled my dick out. We've only jerked each other off in the past, so I was shocked when he put it in his mouth. It felt amazing, but since we were doing new things, I returned the favour before giving him my ass to lick and tease. That's when he put his cock inside me, and was just what I needed. Evan fucked my hole until I erupted, then fed me his warm load. Yum.
Featuring:  Evan, Gabriel
Release Date: 09/18/2023

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