Den Fitness and Adam Keller

I know I turn my boy, Adam, on. He can't find that fact from me. For years I had to keep him at bay, but now he's at that age where I can't resist anymore. So when I caught Adam looking at me in the shower, I knew he was ready for a daddy's love. I unwrapped my towel. He took his hand, placed it on my cock, then put it in his mouth. I know mine isn't the first cock he sucked by how well he handled it. He stripped, and I sat back as he showed me how badly he wanted to please me. I returned the favor by sucking his young cock as he relaxed on the bed, but dad's dick was what he wanted. I ate his tight hole, then slid my cock inside him as he held onto the headboard. I fucked my boy until cum flowed from his cock. I then fed him my load as his eyes watered.
Featuring:  Adam K, Den Fitness
Release Date: 12/09/2022

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