Felix Bonnet and Rene Sava

It was just another day when I walked into the locker room, but I could see that Rene wasn't doing so well. He must have hurt his thigh and was trying to massage it himself. I knew that wasn't helping, so I reached down and started rubbing it for him. That's when my hand got a little too close to his cock. But then Rene put his foot directly on my dick, and it was getting hard. We've only flirted in the past but now seemed like the right time for more, as long as we didn't get caught. We kissed a little, then I leaned back and gave Rene my meat to suck. He has a great mouth, but his ass was what I really wanted. I fucked his hole all over the bench until we both came. Sex truly is the best medicine.
Featuring:  Felix B, Rene
Release Date: 04/15/2024

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