Felix Harris and Bruno Pattel

I've been craving another piece of Bruno's ass since we hooked up during camp last summer. So when he asked to come over, I immediately told him, yes, and he came running. We started chatting, but it quickly turned into both of us in our jocks kissing on the bed. Bruno made his way down to my cock and let his mouth explore my crotch, which I loved. Then he pulled my meat out and put it between his lips. He was the last person to suck my cock, and this felt as amazing as the first. I was rock hard, and playing with his hole made me harder. He turned his ass towards me, and I knew it was time to fuck. I popped my dick inside his hole and started pumping his rump. My dick grew with every thrust as we fucked on the bed. I stroked a load out of Bruno's cock as he rode me, then finished on his stomach.
Featuring:  Bruno, Felix H
Release Date: 12/11/2023

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