George Hanskey and Angel Kade

I got a great massage from my stepbrother George the other day and wanted to return the favor. I mean, he’s the one studying to be a massage therapist, but even a massage therapist deserves a little rub and release. I started on his shoulders but then took his shirt off and rubbed his chest and arms before he laid down for me to rub his lower back. I can tell he liked what I was doing because of his sensual and slow breathing. It was turning me on as well because I’ve secretly admired his body for years. I then removed his shorts and rubbed on his butt. I’ve never seen his hole this close, and I just had to play with it. I rubbed his legs and feet as he did to me days before, then turned him over to see that my touch had the same reaction to his cock that his touch had on mine. So I oiled his cock and stroked it until he erupted on his belly. Maybe I should consider massage therapy too.
Featuring:  Angel K, George
Release Date: 07/11/2024

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