Jack Killian and Josh Cavalin

I cut class the other day to grab a smoke. As I hung out on the stairs, I saw my teammate, Jack, cutting class for a smoke too, and I figured he might be down for more, so I walked over, leaned against the wall, and started rubbing my dick. He was interested and followed me back to my house. We started kissing on my parent's bed. His dick was already hard when I pulled his shorts off. I started sucking it. He moaned as he pushed my head down. Then it was his turn to suck on me, and boy, did it feel good. But I knew having him inside me would feel better. And I was right. He turned me over on my side and stuck his cock in me. It hit the spot. Then we flipped on our knees, and he pounded my hole. We fucked until we both shot our loads all over me.
Featuring:  Jack K, Josh
Release Date: 09/28/2023

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