Jake Lotti and Loick Gauthier

I don't often cross the line with my stepbrother, Loick, but after a night of drinking and making out with him, I decided that the morning would be the day we tried to relive our youth. We fell asleep spooning, and I woke up before him with my morning wood, trying to rip through my underwear. I started touching him, and he started to wake up. That's when we started kissing and rubbing each other until Loick moved down to my uncut dick. I loved looking into his eyes as he swallowed the head of my dick. We flipped positions, and I moved to his cock. I stripped his undies and got a taste of his meat before lifting his leg and slowly pushing my tool into his tight hole. We've never fucked, but now I'm mad that we haven't before.
Featuring:  Jake L, Loick
Release Date: 12/18/2023

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