James Bolt and Samy Luvsins

I've been training my boy for a few years. He knows just how to make Daddy feel good, and I know what makes his hole pucker. So after my stepson, Samy got out of the shower, he joined me on the couch wrapped in his towel. I ripped that thing off and started touching my boy's body. He loves when daddy gets a little aggressive. He knows I love him and only want the best for him. Samy groped my hard cock, which was tightly stuffed in my pants, but I wanted to tease his hole instead today. I spat on my hand and fingered his hole while I stroked his pretty dick. I moved around his body with my strong hands, and he loved every grip on his muscles. But once I pulled out my big dick and fed it to him, he erupted all over his freshly cleaned boy body.
Featuring:  James Bolt, Samy
Release Date: 12/20/2023

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