Javi Xisco and Mark Troy

What do you do when your teammate asks you for a massage? When they look as hot as Mark, you do whatever they say. We arrived at his place, and Mark had the cream ready. It made me think that he wanted more, so I flipped him over, moved his singlet to the side, and started sucking. He was all mine. Then it was his turn to do the same as I sat back on the couch. I'm not sure if he's ever done this with other guys, but I heard rumours and had to see if they were true. And as soon as he started sucking my dick, I knew they were. Then he turned his ass to me and begged for my cock. I threw it in his ass and started going to town. His hole felt great wrapped around my meat. I loved hearing him moan as I pounded his hole. We fucked on that couch until he was ready to explode. I fingered his ass, and he came all over his stomach. I added my load right after. I guess he liked the massage.
Featuring:  Javi, Mark
Release Date: 08/28/2023

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