Jeka Gloo and Eugene Colt

I've been watching Eugene for a long time and have been crushing on him since junior high. After soccer practice, I watched him go into the locker room and followed him. He stood in the corner, stroking his cock, and my mouth watered as the pleasure on his face grew. That was when I walked over to him, kissed his lips, and fell to my knees. I wasn't sure if he'd ever had his dick sucked, but I could tell he liked it a lot. Then he sucked mine, and I knew he had been playing with guys as long as I had. My dick is pretty thick, but he took good care of it as he stroked his meat. As I fucked his mouth, all I could think about was fucking his ass. I moved behind him and got acquainted with his hole as I fingered his butt deep before filling it with my cock. I then ate his ass and fucked it until we both came.
Featuring:  Eugene, Jeka
Release Date: 03/18/2024

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