Johnny Viper and Jamie Kelvin

A grown man like Johnny Viper enjoys his shower, especially when he has time to stroke his cock. But he didn't know he had an audience in his boytoy Jamie Kelvin. Someone needs a lesson about creeping around on daddy. Johnny enjoys taking his time while showering but doesn't know his boytoy, Jamie, is watching him. After being caught, Jamie runs to his room and under the covers. That wasn't going to stop Johnny from spanking his ass, but it also didn't stop Jamie from getting what he wanted. After a few slaps of his beautiful ass, Jamie's lips were moving up and down daddy's big cock, a position he loved. Johnny enjoys doing the same, but would rather have his cock deep in his boytoy's hole. Hard lessons like this have made Jamie a great bottom, and he proves it as he takes a good pounding from Johnny, followed by a mouth covered in daddy milk.
Featuring:  Jamie, Johnny Viper
Release Date: 07/04/2024

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