Josh Cavalin and Noah Bailey

Josh had a long day at work and asked his roommate, Noah, if he would be kind enough to give him a little rub. Being the great roommate that he is, Noah was more than willing to help him out. He started on his feet as they sat on the couch before moving to Josh's legs. Nosh then took off Josh's pants and saw his sexy undies with a semi-erection begging for attention. He groped Josh a little but still wanted to finish the rub. Josh got on his knees and let Noah do his back and shoulders. Josh then played back down on his back as Noah took care of his chest. Josh flips on his belly, and Noah removes his jock so he can get the rest of his back and ass. Josh then flips over once more so Noah could massage his cock. Noah takes the dick in his hand and works it till Josh seeds his belly.
Featuring:  Josh, Noah B
Release Date: 01/03/2024

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