Kai NeoLani and Mateo Gomez

My stepbrother, Mateo, must have had a super long day at work. I noticed when he came home that he looked so sad. I knew I had to cheer him up whatever way I could, which just happened to be a massage. I've wanted to get my hands on him for a long time. He undressed and got on my table. I started on his shoulders, then slowly made my way up and down his back. He moaned as my hands flowed over his smooth skin. I then moved to his legs before taking off his undies. That's when things got good. I spread his cheeks apart and put my tongue right in his ass. Then I flipped him over, grabbed his dick, and stroked him until he came in my hand. I bet he feels better now.
Featuring:  Mateo
Release Date: 06/12/2024

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