Karl Stevens and Filip Kucera

I didn't expect a lot when Karl asked me to rub his back. He's asked me before while on vacation with the team, but this was a lot different, and I liked it. We went to his place. He handed me the lotion and laid facedown on the bed. I started on his back, and he was into it. I kept going and then flipped him on his back. That's when I reached into his shorts and started teasing his cock with my hand. He didn't stop me, so I pulled his shorts down and put his dick in my mouth. He was all mine. He had a big cock, but I was not intimidated. Then he started sucking on mine. He was doing a great job, but I could tell he wanted my ass really bad. And once he got it, I was all his. He fucked me silly and shot on my face. I'll never forget it.
Featuring:  Filip, Karl
Release Date: 08/07/2023

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