Karol Gajda and Alex Blade

I've been crushing on my stepbrother, Alex, for a long time. We've never done anything crazy, but now that we are older, things feel like they might be changing for the better. One day Alex came to my room and asked for a massage. I was surprised that he asked but was willing to help. Alex removed his clothes in a very flirty manner, which turned me on, and ended up in his super sexy jockstrap. He laid down on my bed, and I oiled his back up and started rubbing his shoulders. I made my way down his back and gently touched his back with the tips of my fingers before digging in deeper. I then did the same to his beautiful ass. I then took off his jock and started playing with his tight hole. I flipped Alex over, and his cock was rock hard, so I took it in my hand and stroked him off. Feeling his cock pulse in my grip was so fucking hot.
Featuring:  Alex B, Karol
Release Date: 01/24/2024

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