Kitten Bear and Nick Sawyer

Hurting your back sucks, but a dick massage can make it better. Nick hurt his back while playing soccer. Luckily, he was near his older brother's house, who happens to be a massage therapist. When Nick walks in, his stepbrother, KittenBear, was shocked to see him but immediately got Nick shirtless and on his table. He takes his shorts off and starts massaging Nick's lower back. KittenBear makes his way up and down his stepbrother's body. He removes Nick's undies, jumps on top of the table, and works all around his back with his forearms while grinding his dick into Nick, a feeling Nick knows so well. KittenBear jumps off, lubes up his stepbrother's ass, and plays with his hole. Nick turns over so KittenBear can work his front-half, including his cock. After stroking Nick's body, KittenBear joins his stepbrother and gets naked. He then played with his stepbrother's cock, until Nick's belly was covered in cum.
Featuring:  Nick SA
Release Date: 02/21/2024

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