Marc Angelo and Nick Sawyer

Nick found Marc online and knew he wanted a massage from his strong daddy hands. When Nick arrived, Marc greets him and gets more familiar with the boy's needs. After a quick chat, Nick got undressed and laid down on the massage table. Marc came back into the room and started doing what he does best. He rubs his back, paying attention to the boy's bare bottom. He then focuses on his shoulders and his lower back before again kneading Nick's ass like raw dough. Marc then flipped Nick over and started on his chest and nipples. He moves his way down towards Nick's legs and inner-thighs. Marc then takes a tight hold of Nick's cock, and fingers his tight hole. Nick loves how Marc's hands feel on his hard, wet cock. Marc strokes his boy's cock until he explodes all over himself. Just what he needed.
Featuring:  Marc Angelo, Nick SA
Release Date: 01/17/2024

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