Mark Freedom and Taylor Blaze

Mark is really taking his role as team manager seriously. And that includes giving out massages when needed, especially to his stepbrother Taylor. Mark wanted things to start very professionally. After a proper introduction, Taylor laid face down on the massage table while in his singlet. Mark begun at Taylor's upper back and then worked his arms. Mark rolled down the singlet to Taylor's waist and got deeper into his stepbrother's muscles. He made sure to work every knot out that he could as Taylor fell into a deeply relaxed state of pleasure. Mark then took off the rest of the singlet and replaced it with a towel over Taylor's ass. He then oiled his stepbrother up and continued all over his backside before flipping him over. Mark then worked the front and made his way all over Taylor's chest and abs. Taylor's hard cock pops out from under the towel. Mark tried to remain professional, but his hands found their way to Taylor's cock and balls. He stroked Taylor's cock until he exploded. A job well done.
Featuring:  Mark F, Taylor B
Release Date: 04/03/2024

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