Martin Steel and Danny Bianchi

It was no surprise that Martin was horny after soccer practice. He kept smacking my ass every time I ran past during the game. It got to the point that I would push it out for him. Of course, he was horny, and so was I. We got back to his place and started kissing on the couch, where he pulled my shorts down and groped my ass some more before sucking on my cock. His mouth felt amazing, but soon it was my turn, and I'm a cock pig. I sucked his dick while stroking my own, then my hole opened wide for his meat and swallowed it all as we fucked on the couch. His dick felt so good up my ass. Martin fucked my butt until he was ready to dump his seed into my mouth, and I came on my stomach.
Featuring:  Danny, Martin
Release Date: 12/25/2023

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