Milo Maderas and Samy Luvsins

I lived with my stepbrother, Samy, for a few years before moving out. We've always had a great relationship. But I've been talking to him recently, and hearing him tell story's about him with his new stepdad had me thinking about what it would feel like to have my cock in his mouth too. So when he told me his shoulder hurt, I offered to give him a massage. It started as a regular massage, but then he starts grabbing at my dick. Maybe me reaching down his back and playing with his hole had something to do with it. Eventually, I pulled my pants down and put my dick right in his mouth. He gobbled it up so fast that I forgot all about his shoulder. I took some time to eat his ass and play with his tight hole before I flipped him over and finished us both off. Now I have a reason to visit home more often.
Featuring:  Milo Maderas, Samy Luvsins
Release Date: 02/28/2024

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