Noah Bailey and Josh Cavalin

A hurt back needs a good rub. Josh tweaked his back while playing tennis and asked his best friend, Noah if he could give him a rub down. After watching a crash course online, he jumped right in as Josh laid on the floor in his undies, t-shirt, and socks. Noah started on his shoulders, then removed Josh's shirt and oiled up Josh's back. Josh loved his buddy rubbing his body. Noah removed Josh's undies and began working his legs and ass. He then flipped Josh over and rubbed on his chest and thighs. The touch of Noah's hands rubbing all over his naked body made Josh's dick hard. Noah continues to lend a hand and strokes Josh's cock while still massaging his body. When he is close to shooting his load, Josh grabs his cock and finishes off on his belly.
Featuring:  Josh, Noah B
Release Date: 03/27/2024

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