Paul Rudd and Jamie Kelvin

If I had a nickel for every time my boytoy, Jamie, came to me with his crazy ideas, I would be rich. What's worst is that he thinks he can do it without consequences. But now, I think he likes them more than I even know. The other day he came to my room in his baby shorts and tight tee to tell me he was going out. That outfit is for dad's eyes only, and he knows it. I put him across my knee and spanked his ass. He begged me to stop, which only turned me on. The only thing he could do was take my cock into his small mouth and suck it as dad trained him to do. But spanking his ass made me want more, and after giving his cock some love, he bent over and gave his hole to me. Such a good boy.
Featuring:  Jamie, Paul Rudd
Release Date: 03/31/2023

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