Ollie Barn and Josh Cavalin

The game was great, but now I was super horny. Watching Ollie's cock flopping around in his shorts put my sex drive into a frenzy. As soon as Ollie and I got to my house, I was all over him. I grabbed his cock and felt how hard it was. That was my cue to pull his shorts off and get a taste. It was so good, and I knew I wanted it in my ass as soon as It went down my throat. But Ollie loves sucking dick and made sure to get my cock in his mouth before bending me over his couch and eating my hole out. He got my ass ready for his dick and didn't hold back once it was inside. I loved every inch of it. I could feel the precum dripping from my thick cock with each stroke. He fucked me until cum flowed out my dick and Ollie unloaded all over my dick.
Featuring:  Josh, Ollie
Release Date: 03/11/2024

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