Ollie Barn and Timmy Cole

There is nothing like helping out a horny friend after a game of soccer. My buddy, Ollie, came over to my house after practice and the first thing out of his mouth was I'm horny. I wasn't sure what he wanted as this was the first time we played, but he started pulling down my shorts and sucking my dick. His mouth felt amazing. I just sat back and let him do whatever he wanted to my meat, but then it was my turn. His dick was so much bigger than mine. I hoped it would all fit in my mouth. It didn't, but I kept trying. I could only get it halfway before he started feeling on my butt. I knew my ass could take it better than my mouth, and I gladly gave it to him. He fucked my hole so good on the couch that I came on myself. Then Ollie dripped his seed on my balls. So hot.
Featuring:  Ollie, Timmy C
Release Date: 10/02/2023

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