Dave London and Jamie Kelvin

I hate when my boy plays with my love and trust. We have a great relationship, but sometimes he tests the limits as any teen would. I walked in on him sleeping in the living room when he should get ready for work. It's summer vacation, but he knows he has a job. I put him over my knee to spank his bottom, but his ass looked too good to treat that way. I'd rather beat it up with my dick, but first, Jamie had to get it hard, which he does well. But I love sucking my boy's dick and showing him how the master does it before moving to his hole, which I enjoy even more. When his hole begged to be fucked, I slipped inside him and gave it the chef's kiss. My boy's ass opened up and let me go as deep as I wanted.
Featuring:  Dave London, Jamie
Release Date: 05/19/2023

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