Raj Mahal and Jake Hayz

I became a coach to build and shape young minds, but every now and then, one or two young men catch my eye. But I've always had a look but don't touch policy. That was until I met Jake. There is just something about him that I can't shake no matter how much I try. So when he came to my hotel room during an away game, I decided to see where things would go. He came for a massage, and my dick couldn't help but get hard once I touched his body. After starting on his back, it wasn't long before my hands were all over his jock-strapped ass, balls, and cock. I heard him moan when I began to eat out his hole. Damn, it tasted so good. I then continued to rub his back and play with his hole before turning him over and rubbing his chest, legs, and then his cock. I sucked his dick, stroked it, and played with his ass until he couldn't hold back his seed anymore. Just what we both needed.
Featuring:  Jake
Release Date: 03/06/2024

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