Robin Matze and Kieran Karlsson

I've been dying to get my hands all over my teammate, Robin, all season. We've been flirting, and suddenly everything lined up for us to be in my room together while my parents were out of town. It was so hot to see Robin in his yellow singlet. Feeling his cock growing under the fabric turned me on beyond belief. I groped and teased him until it was time to pull it out and swallow it all. It was the best thing I've had in my mouth in a long time. He then sucked me for a little, and it felt fucking great but not as good as I knew his cock would feel inside my ass. And after we got undressed, Robin bent me over and took his time filling my virgin hole. He knew just how tight it was going to be, and it made him grow harder. He popped the head in my ass, and my body did the rest. I tried not to scream or let him know how much it hurt, but then the pain turned to pleasure. Robin then put me on my back and pounded my sweet spot until we both dumped our loads.
Featuring:  Kieran, Robin
Release Date: 11/28/2022

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