Russell Kern and Daniel Star

Russell's training to be a massage therapist and asked his stepbrother to pretend to be his patient. Daniel agreed. Anything for family. Daniel arrives, and Russell tells him to undress. Daniel strips down to his undies, gets on the massage table, and relaxes while Russell begins massaging his brother's body. Russell takes his time slowly rubbing his brother's neck and shoulders before removing his undies and rubbing Daniel's butt. He focuses on his stepbrother's hole like he did when they were younger. He then moves down towards his feet, and Daniel loves it. Daniel flips over, and Russell starts on his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. That attention makes its way down to Daniel's cock. Russell takes his stepbrother's dick in his hand and starts to stroke. He keeps going until Daniel shoots a big load in his hand.
Featuring:  Daniel S, Russell
Release Date: 04/10/2024

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