Simon Best and Darren Atler

I was standing on the street minding my business, fine I was crushing, when I noticed Simon walk past me. I gave him the eye, and he took the bait. I've always thought of him as the sexy wrestling rival that I wanted to pop my cherry, and now it is coming true. We went to my room and got down to it. Simon took my pants off and started sucking my dick. I was surprised that his mouth was that good. He knew what he was doing, but I was getting hungry for cock, and we switched positions. His dick smelled so good, and I needed it inside my ass. We laid on our sides, and he slowly slipped his dick up my tight hole. I've wanted it so long that I didn't even notice the pain. Simon loved how well I was talking his cock. It felt so good that I came while he fucked me. Simon kept fucking me until he was ready to cum on my balls. Now I need more.
Featuring:  Darren, Simon
Release Date: 07/24/2023

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