Taylor Blaze and Mark Freedom

No need to attend school to learn how to stroke off your stepbrother. Taylor is visiting his stepbrother, Taylor, for a rub after a rough day at soccer practice. Taylor isn't sure what he's doing, but Mark seems to be enjoying it. He removes his shirt so Taylor can get a better grip on his sore muscles. But the muscle that Mark wants Taylor to touch is between his legs. As Taylor keeps rubbing, Mark starts to stroke his now hard cock. Taylor then asks Mark to lay down as he begins to rub his chest. Mark's erection isn't going away, and Taylor notices as he starts rubbing his inner-thigh and feet. Taylor does a great job rubbing Mark from toe to heel, then makes his way back up Mark's body and slowly rubs on his flat stomach before finding his way to his hard cock. Taylor hasn't seen Mark's dick since they were kids when they played doctor. Now all grown and hard, Taylor stroked, groped, and played with his stepbrother's dick until he came in his hand.
Featuring:  Mark F
Release Date: 02/14/2024

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