Ego Red and Archi Gold

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, there lived a hardworking father named Ego. Living with Ego was his stepson, Archi, a vibrant and energetic young boy. Archi's zest for life was evident in everything he did, including his animated conversations on the phone. Although Ego appreciated his stepson's exuberance, he needed focused concentration during his accounting tasks. One evening, Ego settled down at his desk, surrounded by stacks of receipts awaiting his attention. As he began calculating, Archi walked in, engrossed in a lively conversation on his phone. Archi's laughter and animated gestures filled the room, making it difficult for Ego to concentrate on his work but not too difficult to fuck his stepson's deep hole after spanking his bubble ass. The pair sucked, licked, and fucked until Ego felt that his boy learned his lesson, which was actually part of Archi's plan to get some daddy dick.
Featuring:  Archi, Ego Red
Release Date: 08/03/2023

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